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  • I haven’t been to see Dave in ages but made an appointment for today. INCREDIBLE, just incredible.
    From the spa to the massage table to the sling and then the spa capsule.
    I feel more relaxed then I have in a while.

  • Had my 1st massage the other day with Dave.
    He gave me the 1st class service, friendly welcoming & accommodating.
    Great massage ending in a climax on the sling – wow!
    so yes I would recommend Dave.


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 25 reviews
by Matt on Man2ManSydney

I had never been for an erotic massage before and after reading the reviews I knew I had to try Dave. I'm glad I did. He is an incredible masseur who knows his way around the body. We started in the spa where he put me at ease and we just chatted. After taking me in his mouth we moved to the table. I haven't felt that relaxed and yet that horny in a long time. After the massage Dave took me in his mouth again. Didn't take long for me to explode. I'll be back again to try the sling!

by Down Under on Man2ManSydney

I have visited Dave numerous times now, but I was trying to think of a new angle for a session - and read one of the reviews (below) which mentioned a four-handed massage! Dave organised for Ian, another masseur, to be out of sight until I was on the table and eyes closed - and then four strong hands started to play my body like a musical instrument. When one set of hands went firm, the other set went ticklish-light. When one set of ten fingers stroked my soles, the other set spanked my arse. My imagination worked overtime trying to identify who was doing what. Towards the end, there were suddenly two large, stiff, pulsing cocks lying in my palms. A very erotic experience, fulfilling several old fantasies, and leaving me floating all the way home. Thank you both for a very memorable experience. One of my best massages ever!

by Horny Mal from Stanmore on Man2ManSydney

Dave, that was truly the best erotic gay massage I have ever had! I will definitely be back for more very soon. Horny Mal 😉

by Tee on Man2ManSydney

Was very nervous about this as it would be my first sexual experience with anyone. Like everyone else said, Dave puts you at ease and is very easy to talk with. We started in the hot tub talking with a foot massage and eventually Dave propped me up on his knees and took me in his mouth...and what a mouth he has, felt like heaven! We then went to the massage room and his wonderful erection friendly table. Had a great massage and ended with a finger in my ass which made me cum so hard. We ended things with a body scrub and time in the vichy spa capsule. Experience was so great I immediately scheduled another session. Second session was even better, we started the same in hot tub, some mutual oral and then massage. This session we ended in the sling and Dave penetrated me...he was very gentle and took things slow and he worked me up so good that I exploded all over. I highly recommend Dave...will definitely be back when I visit Sydney again!!!

by Mark on Man2ManSydney

Amazing experience. I put this off for so long. Dave has an amazing array of equipment to satisfy every need but he intuitively knew what I wanted. He bypassed all that and took me straight in for a sensual massage. I understand why so many people fall in love with him. Dave is intuitive and sensual and has great hand. Not only that but, he is incredibly sexy and has eyes you can get lost in.His place is set up for absolute privacy and well equipped for all needs. I was very nervous but by the end, I had achieved what I never even knew I needed. It's not cheap but it's a unique experience. He knew exactly what I needed. If you like it hard and rough, I reckon he'd be brilliant at it. He just knew I like soft and sensual and he was absolutely expert at it. I left on an emotional high. I won't say what the best bits were because I'm hoping it was only for me.It's no wonder people fall in love with Dave. How could you not?

by Play on Man2ManSydney

There's an old expression along the lines of "good things come to those who wait".Well I waited years after I first found Dave's contact details details before eventually deciding it was time to go for it. And I am so glad that I did! After my session with Dave I regret not contacting him earlier.What a man! Dave made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived and we chatted like old friends. He then took my on a tour to the most incredible levels of passion and pleasure! Dave is a tour guide "par excellence"!I spent a few days reflecting on my time with Dave. Yes ... a totally memorable (and pleasurable!!!!!!!!!!!) experience. Dave made me feel I was the only other person in the universe with him the whole time.Thanks Dave. I'll be back soon!

by Down Under on Man2ManSydney

While I've had firmer massages elsewhere, Dave's friendly pampering and multi-gadget venue simply boggles the mind! I've been back about five times now and every appointment has been soooo different. I'm so glad I mentioned my foot fetish on my first visit, as that's what Dave gives his focus to when we are in the hot tub: a totally indulgent foot rub - and his own feet in proximity to my face - as I sip my wine and we chat away like old friends. His massage table, with easy access to my erection, is uniquely different. One session I ended up in the leather sling, another time in the steam cubicle, another time in the body scrub pod. I've already plotted out a scenario for my next visit and Dave has promised another wild ride. This time, I will be putty in his talented hands. Dave, I'm on my way! (Maybe I should say, "Dave, I'm cumming!") Thank you so much!

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

For my birthday I arranged for Dave and another masseur to pamper me together. First in the spa with them both looking after my every need, then a four handed massage, and then being on the sling with the two of them paying attention to me. It was a great birthday

by paul on Man2ManSydney

He's a big beefy bastard with magic hands who makes you feel real good.without even knowing how you're in the middle of a deep hard fuck and you're loving it.The massage is heaven.The fuck is heaven.And then he just holds onto you until you're ready to move.I want him for a boyfriend.

by Bruxelles on Man2ManSydney

Wow. Dave is friendly, sensual, intuitive, smart and funny. More, please.

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