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  • I haven’t been to see Dave in ages but made an appointment for today. INCREDIBLE, just incredible.
    From the spa to the massage table to the sling and then the spa capsule.
    I feel more relaxed then I have in a while.

  • Had my 1st massage the other day with Dave.
    He gave me the 1st class service, friendly welcoming & accommodating.
    Great massage ending in a climax on the sling – wow!
    so yes I would recommend Dave.


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 122 reviews
by Cameron on Man2ManSydney

I’m in my 20s and this was my first experience at an exotic massage and have to be honest I was shitting myself. I was asked to undress and that’s when it hit, I’m actually doing this. Dave asked me to lie down on my stomach and started to massage. After awhile he asked me to flip over and I was so embarrassed that I had an erection I nearly died and quickly used my hands to cover up. Not sure if he sensed this but was so nice and professional about it he somehow made me at ease again. We ended the session with Dave on top of me and he was incredible.

by John on Man2ManSydney

Wow, just wow. I didn't want my 90 minutes with Dave to end. Starting with an incredible massage, Dave found all the knots in my shoulders and smoothed them out like a pro. Painful, but just what I wanted, and needed.And then he eased towards my ass and balls with those velvety soft and warm hands, teasing with the softest touch that got me rock hard. First it was fingers lubing up my ass and then I feel Dave's cock slide inside me. Wow. This guy is a master.As if the massage table wasn't enough. We moved to the lounge, kissed and Dave kept on going. Incredible stuff. And then onto the tantra chair - a few positions that made me erupt big time.Dave, you're not only an excellent masseuse, but you're gentle, caring, genuine, approachable and a bit naughty. You know how to please a man, that's for sure.

by Sam on Man2ManSydney

I like your new place Dave, well set up and great views!I loved loved loved your tantric penis massage. The way you edged my cock made me explode all the more at the end. I will definitely cum again soon. Next time I would like to try the Tantra chair I have heard so much about. The video of it on your site looks very enticing.Sam x

by Matt on Man2ManSydney

I had never been for an erotic massage before and after reading the reviews I knew I had to try Dave. I'm glad I did. He is an incredible masseur who knows his way around the body. We started in the spa where he put me at ease and we just chatted. After taking me in his mouth we moved to the table. I haven't felt that relaxed and yet that horny in a long time. After the massage Dave took me in his mouth again. Didn't take long for me to explode. I'll be back again to try the sling!

by Down Under on Man2ManSydney

I have visited Dave numerous times now, but I was trying to think of a new angle for a session - and read one of the reviews (below) which mentioned a four-handed massage! Dave organised for Alex, another masseur, to be out of sight until I was on the table and eyes closed - and then four strong hands started to play my body like a musical instrument. When one set of hands went firm, the other set went ticklish-light. When one set of ten fingers stroked my soles, the other set spanked my arse. My imagination worked overtime trying to identify who was doing what. Towards the end, there were suddenly two large, stiff, pulsing cocks lying in my palms. A very erotic experience, fulfilling several old fantasies, and leaving me floating all the way home. Thank you both for a very memorable experience. One of my best massages ever!

by Horny Mal from Stanmore on Man2ManSydney

Dave, that was truly the best erotic gay massage I have ever had! I will definitely be back for more very soon. Horny Mal 😉

by Tee on Man2ManSydney

Was very nervous about this as it would be my first sexual experience with anyone. Like everyone else said, Dave puts you at ease and is very easy to talk with. We started in the hot tub talking with a foot massage and eventually Dave propped me up on his knees and took me in his mouth...and what a mouth he has, felt like heaven! We then went to the massage room and his wonderful erection friendly table. Had a great massage and ended with a finger in my ass which made me cum so hard. We ended things with a body scrub and time in the vichy spa capsule. Experience was so great I immediately scheduled another session. Second session was even better, we started the same in hot tub, some mutual oral and then massage. This session we ended in the sling and Dave penetrated me...he was very gentle and took things slow and he worked me up so good that I exploded all over. I highly recommend Dave...will definitely be back when I visit Sydney again!!!

by Mark on Man2ManSydney

Amazing experience. I put this off for so long. Dave has an amazing array of equipment to satisfy every need but he intuitively knew what I wanted. He bypassed all that and took me straight in for a sensual massage. I understand why so many people fall in love with him. Dave is intuitive and sensual and has great hand. Not only that but, he is incredibly sexy and has eyes you can get lost in.His place is set up for absolute privacy and well equipped for all needs. I was very nervous but by the end, I had achieved what I never even knew I needed. It's not cheap but it's a unique experience. He knew exactly what I needed. If you like it hard and rough, I reckon he'd be brilliant at it. He just knew I like soft and sensual and he was absolutely expert at it. I left on an emotional high. I won't say what the best bits were because I'm hoping it was only for me.It's no wonder people fall in love with Dave. How could you not?

by Play on Man2ManSydney

There's an old expression along the lines of "good things come to those who wait".Well I waited years after I first found Dave's contact details details before eventually deciding it was time to go for it. And I am so glad that I did! After my session with Dave I regret not contacting him earlier.What a man! Dave made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived and we chatted like old friends. He then took my on a tour to the most incredible levels of passion and pleasure! Dave is a tour guide "par excellence"!I spent a few days reflecting on my time with Dave. Yes ... a totally memorable (and pleasurable!!!!!!!!!!!) experience. Dave made me feel I was the only other person in the universe with him the whole time.Thanks Dave. I'll be back soon!

by Down Under on Man2ManSydney

While I've had firmer massages elsewhere, Dave's friendly pampering and multi-gadget venue simply boggles the mind! I've been back about five times now and every appointment has been soooo different. I'm so glad I mentioned my foot fetish on my first visit, as that's what Dave gives his focus to when we are in the hot tub: a totally indulgent foot rub - and his own feet in proximity to my face - as I sip my wine and we chat away like old friends. His massage table, with easy access to my erection, is uniquely different. One session I ended up in the leather sling, another time in the steam cubicle, another time in the body scrub pod. I've already plotted out a scenario for my next visit and Dave has promised another wild ride. This time, I will be putty in his talented hands. Dave, I'm on my way! (Maybe I should say, "Dave, I'm cumming!") Thank you so much!

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

For my birthday I arranged for Dave and another masseur to pamper me together. First in the spa with them both looking after my every need, then a four handed massage, and then being on the sling with the two of them paying attention to me. It was a great birthday

by paul on Man2ManSydney

He's a big beefy bastard with magic hands who makes you feel real good.without even knowing how you're in the middle of a deep hard fuck and you're loving it.The massage is heaven.The fuck is heaven.And then he just holds onto you until you're ready to move.I want him for a boyfriend.

by Bruxelles on Man2ManSydney

Wow. Dave is friendly, sensual, intuitive, smart and funny. More, please.

by Paul on Man2ManSydney

I haven't been to see Dave in ages but made an appointment for today. INCREDIBLE, just incredible. From the spa to the massage table to the sling and then the spa capsule. INCREDIBLE. I feel more relaxed then I have in a while.

by Bones on Man2ManSydney

I recently visited Dave and WOW WOW WOW. What a set up and such a fantastic guy. From the moment I knocked on the door I was put a ease, as basically I dislike my body. The spa---pure magic, the massage---- bliss, and the rest----- just wonderful. 1st time I have been penetrated, and needless to say was very apprehensive due to the size!!! but Dave, with his caring attitude put me at ease from the start. I will be back again, hopefully in he near future.It's a must.

by Ian on Man2ManSydney

Dave's service was amazing, totally fulfilling and 100% M2M. His friendliness, open approach to relaxation and a hard cock that reached all the right places. Will be back.

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

Most incredible massage I've ever had. I was very nervous at the start as I had never had a sensual massage before but we started in the spa with rubbing hugging kissing and fondling. I've never been so hard in my life. Then onto the massage room for an incredible massage. I was finger fucked and loved it and was so relaxed Dave slipped his cock into me and much to my shock there was no pain just a little discomfort for a minute and then the most incredible sexual lust I've ever felt. Then onto the sling to be fucked liked I've never experienced. After the most intense organism I've ever had it was into the relaxing spa capsule and vichy shower. Just wow......

by Dylan on Man2ManSydney

The single best massage ive ever had, combined with my first ever penetration, and in a sling no less. Incredible.

by Mindblowing on Man2ManSydney

I had the pleasure of visiting Dave last night. I work in the construction trade, so my work is very hard on the body. As I am no longer a spring chicken, it takes its toll. First off was the spa, with a foot rub.Then onto the massage table, Out came the hands of God. Away went the knots, aches,& Pains. If that wasn't enough, Dave massaged my balls & my hole.in the blink of a eye, I've gone from being a top to a bottom. Dave slipped his cock inside me, & rode me until we both blew our loads. Finished off with a body scrub, & a soak in one of the star wars machines. I've had plenty of massages in my life.But nothing like the pampering I got from Dave.I will be back there very soon. Thanks Dave, B.

by Aaron on Man2ManSydney

Had my 1st massage the other day with Dave.He gave me the 1st class service, friendly welcoming & accommodating.Great massage ending in a climax on the sling - wow!so yes I would recommend Dave

by Jason on Man2ManSydney

After reading the reviews about Dave for some time, recently I finally had the chance to meet him and experience his services for myself. What can I say - 90 minutes of absolute pleasure! I was pretty nervous, but Dave had me relaxed in no time as we got to know each other in the spa. The massage that followed was great with all stress and many knots worked out by an expert touch. I was so relaxed that with his patient and caring touch he was able to enter me and he gave me a deeply erotic experience and the best orgasm I've had in a long time. The body scrub was the perfect way to finish my very enjoyable visit. I can't wait to see Dave again!

by Andrew on Man2ManSydney

I saw Dave for a massage just before Xmas 2015. I enjoyed one of the most satisfying and erotic experiences ever. It wasn't just the way Dave handled my body, it was the way he handled himself. He is sensitive, charming, attentive and strong. I felt welcomed and respected, and I felt that he enjoyed our time together as much as I did. Any nervousness that I felt was quickly dispelled as he put me completely at my ease in every way. The whole experience was natural, friendly and open, and I left feeling nurtured in body and soul. Thank you Dave, you're a legend.

Dave is a very good masseur indeed, a very nice person - sensitive and a good listener - and really skilled in the sensual side of things. I had a truly mind blowing experience - relaxing, pleasurable and sensual don't really do it justice - it was all of these with a really powerful climax and lead up. I hope to last much longer than I did the next time! Thanks so much, Dave

by Amazing on Man2ManSydney

An experience you should give yourself is 90 mins in Dave's capable hands. Appealing and attractive, quick with a smile he knows exactly what's he's doing. Let him do his thing and just sit back to enjoy the ride. Utterly amazing.

Very comfortable and relaxing process. Recommend the 90 minute session starting with the jacuzzi to ease into things. The back massage got rid of a lot of knots and aches. Dave focused on all the right areas. Will definitely go again (especially when suffering with back ache).

by Antonio on Man2ManSydney

Absolutely awesome experience. Dave is very sensual and was very sensitive to me. Started with a spa then sensual massage. I have never been penetrated and it is something I would like to have experienced but despite Dave's efforts I was too tight. I intend going back. Totally awesome.

by Pete on Man2ManSydney

Went back to see Dave today. The spa session was so intimate and sexy, Dave is very passionate. The massage was awesome and erotic. It was hot! We then finished off on the tantra chair with Dave deep inside me. It was one hot session. Will be back for more.

by DJ on Man2ManSydney

Hey DaveThanks for looking after me today and totally pampering me with all your spa facilities. I really enjoyed your touch and will be back soon for a longer session.DJ

by Akash on Man2ManSydney

I met Dave for the first time this week. He is a real gentleman very easy going. The session was fantastic starting with a spa where Dave took charge and the intimacy was excellent. The massage afterwards was bliss and when he entered me the feeling was mind blowing. All round a very pleasant experience and I will definitely be back there soon for another session

by Ronald on Man2ManSydney

Dave what an amazing place you have! When I read about your spa, sauna, jacuzzi etc I couldn't picture how you could have all these options and still have a private space. It really is an oasis in the cross. So discreet from outside you would not even know it existed. The facilities are excellent and high tech! There is even a TV in the sauna! And I loved the spa and bodyscrub thingy that looked like an escape pod from star wars. The service was very professional and Dave obviously enjoys what he does.I have been to lots of massage guys and Daves set up is definitely the best.I enjoyed being pampered by a nice masculine friendly bloke with so many options to try. Next time I will try the steam spa with eucalyptus for my sinus issues.Dave has a very intuitive sensual touch.Highly recommended.Ronald

by Ben on Man2ManSydney

I was a bit worried reading all these reviews because I am not into anal at all and Dave seems to do a lot of penetrating! I decided to call him to see if penetration was optional. Wow, what a sexy voice over the phone! He was very friendly and suggested that there were plenty of other things we could get up to besides anal! With the assurance that he wasn't going to try and stick it in me - I made a booking and boy am I glad I did. He was so friendly and put me at ease straight away. We had a wonderful relaxing spa together with a glass of wine - how very civilised! LOL I was surprised how good a remedial massage he gave and he is obviously qualified. He could even tell that I was left-handed by feeling the knots in my back and shoulder. Then the massage got more and more sensual which included bodyslides and lots of intimate play. He did convince me to try a prostate massage on the proviso that he would stop if it hurt or felt uncomfortable. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but Dave was very gentle and patient and persevered until it felt quite pleasurable and boy did it make the orgasm very intense. That's the first time I came so hard. I am not sure that I am ready for proper penetration with a penis - especially Daves member! But at least I know what a bit of arse play sort of feels like and Im glad I tried it with someone who was gentle and respectful of my limits.Oh and try the bodyscrub capsule! Its a wonderful invigorating experience. We finished with a bodyscrub and Vichy shower - another new experience for me. I left Daves place totally relaxed and floating home - with a lingering tingling feeling in my arse.Will definitely visit again soon.Give him a try.You won't be disappointed!!!

by Brendan on Man2ManSydney

I could marry this man. what a wonderful massage! and that cock!!!!The capsule and body scrub is a must and should not be missed.Next time I want to empty your balls in my mouth you naughty boy! 😉

by Colin on Man2ManSydney

I'm an older guy and very overweight these days due to a hormone condition. Dave managed to make me feel so at ease that my self conscious feelings about my body just disappeared. He made me feel like I was a hot younger guy again. No one has ever made me feel like that. He knows when to be very gentle and intimate and when to be strong and virile. His masculine body rubbing on top of me made me cum so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to sample his gorgeous cock properly. I booked for 90mins but only lasted 1 hour. Dave offered to keep massaging me or give me a body scrub for the remainder time and even make me cum again. But once I've cum its all over red rover! He is such a decent guy that he only charged me for the hour even though I booked for longer. Now that's great service! I will definitely be back soon and will make sure I last a bit longer! xxx

by Cody on Man2ManSydney

WOW,WOW,WOW!! A man that knows what he is doing. An amazing experience that I have never had before. Words cannot describe the way I felt after my time with Dave. A truly talented man. We started off in the spa, then to the massage table where Dave massaged every part of my body. He had me so relaxed and horny that he slide his big package inside me OMG what a feeling!! We then moved to the capsule for a body scrub and spa! #amazing #man2man #experienceofalifetime #willbeback

by Adrian on Man2ManSydney

My very first time to experience this brilliant service. All of my "will I be murdered" fears flew away after David opened the door. I was instantly relaxed and felt no pressure just pleasure. I didn't get as involved as most reviews, but Dave picked up on what I was after and all in all I am really impressed, relaxed and can not wait to return. Even for a massage with an incredible bonus. Go. It will be the best release you have had in a very long time. Good on you David, brilliant space and a brilliant bloke!

by Jamey on Man2ManSydney

Just got back from a session with Dave. It was amazing. Great fun in the spa, fantastic massage, and never been fucked so well ever before. Was worried about taking his cock up my arse but he slid it in without a worry (and I am very, very tight). He was up to his balls and we came together. He finished me off with a great scrub and water spray. So you can believe everything you read here. I feel very rejuvenated and look forward to going again soon. Highly recommended.

by Michael on Man2ManSydney

Dave's cock is heaven. He lubed my hungry ass and worked his shiny helmet on my backdoor very slowly. Then he pounded my ass like a hungry teenager on heat. I could have that cock every morning and night. Dave you are so delicious and have a wonderful cock. I came like a bitch and I can't wait for another delicious encounter! 🙂

by tony on Man2ManSydney

from the minute i entered his very cool space i knew i was in for a real m2m treat. loved the table he worked me on and the way he worked every tight muscle in my sore body. i have been to many other m2m massages and dave's was by far the best in every way. i was so relaxed from the start, that when he noticed i was nice and ready for a more erotic style, he started to slowly prepare my body for his manly size.i had not been penetrated in many years and have to say it was pure bliss to feel him sliding up inside me until i climaxed.overall a truly exceptional time. i will be back again when i can book another session with dave.i have to say i still get hard thinking about my time with Dave

by Peter on Man2ManSydney

Wow, What a man Dave is and his place. Had the most relaxing and erotic time in the spa and then the massage was the best in every way.Then when I was ready he slowly prepared me before he slid his cock inside me and pounded me till we both climaxed together, HOT. Great all round. Get hard again thinking about it.

by John on Man2ManSydney

Wow! What a man and what a place! I had the most relaxing time in Dave's spa, followed by a terrific massage that ironed out a lot of the knots in my back. I have never had a massage on a table that allowed you cock to hang loose- it was very sexy. And the penetration. What a cock and used by someone who knows how to use it. I came so much it hit my head!

by Malcolm on Man2ManSydney

I recently found out that I am bi so after arriving in Sydney I contacted Dave and the texts back and forth were warm & friendly. Arriving at his location I was greeted with a warm smile and a fantastic set up. We went straight into the spa and talked, cuddled and kissed. What a great kisser. Onto the massage table with an easy access cock hole and a great massage. Moving from the massage to his cock sliding inside me felt glorious as he put me in several positions before finishing and putting me inside the body scrub "pod". Finally dressing and a last kiss and cuddle. What a fantastic way to spend time with someone who is warm and generous. Wonderful experience and I will return again before I leave Sydney

by Pete on Man2ManSydney

What a great guy Dave is. Went back to see Dave for a second time. The time in the spa was so erotic and HOT. Dave knows the spots to touch. I'm glad Dave was my first guy to penetrate me as he was very gentle and patient with me. Thanks Dave

by Roy on Man2ManSydney

Sensational Dave!I will be back for more!Cheers Roy

by Tommy on Man2ManSydney

Really like the way Dave mixes the therapeutic treatments with his erotic touch. Sure you come out feeling like you just had a great sexy time but you also feel like the professional massage or bodyscrub or whatever is so good for you! It's a real bonus and it's why I keep coming back - helps me justify my visits as more than just a guilty pleasure. 😉

by Brian on Man2ManSydney

Thanks Dave. I've never cum so hard! WOW!

by Tony & Liz on Man2ManSydney

Saw Dave some months ago and had a great time. His place is so relaxing and full of fun stuff to try that I decided to bring my girlfriend this time. She was very nervous because it was her first time with 2 guys but Dave made her feel very comfortable. We started with some Champagne in the hot tub altogether and then I watched Dave do things to her that made her moan and groan with such delight that I learned a few new things to try with her next time! He was very skilled and versatile and involved us both in the play that made us feel confident and at ease. My girlfriend loved it and wants to come back for more! We will definitely be back.

by Dom on Man2ManSydney

Dave's place is unbelievable. Love the hot tub and steam! This is my third visit and he always mixes it up to make it feel interesting and invigorating. Next time I am going to try the body scrub capsule - looks like an escape pod from Star Trek LOL.

by Bernie (TopOzzieBear..Bearwww.com) on Man2ManSydney

Dave,,,,well done...thoroughly enjoyed my 90 min experience this May 2015. A welcomin spa and relaxing one on one conversation in the "pool" with Dave. This was followed by a robust massage in a very firm handed and professional manner.Finally a "grand finale" which was most enjoyable and a first for me in a number of years. I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK.....thoroughly recommended. Bernie,.,.YUM!

by Mike on Man2ManSydney

Wow is the only word to use. I spent 90 minutes of bliss with Dave starting with a spa then a wonderful kiss following by fondling and BJs. The massage was amazing but his cock in my ass was truly wonderful. I will be going back again soon, I would love to take someone with me but we will see.

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

Saw Dave the other day. After a spa together he then gave me one of his high quality massages. Heaven and bliss! Highly recommended.

by Peter on Man2ManSydney

I'm quite the sceptic; I read the review and thought "sure". How wrong was I!!!!One of the best experiences in my life. A friendly man who is both professional and VERY talented. Wow, Dave knows just how to make a man feel FANTASTIC!!!!!I'm reluctant to tell you about him because I would love him to be my amazing secret pleasure, but he deserves to have his praises sung wide and loud.TRULY MEMORABLE!!!!

by LA Visitor on Man2ManSydney

What a cool place - and a great massage. Highly recommended.Dave was super nice, very professional and intuitive.

by JK on Man2ManSydney

I had a session with Dave this evening and wow, what an amazing experience. I feel as light as a feather and all the knots are gone. Dave knows what he's doing at all times and was very professional and courteous towards me. His hands were warm and strong, and he knew exactly how to work my entire body. The way he touched my balls and rubbed my penis left me in a state of complete euphoria. He knew exactly all the spots to apply pressure and set me off, which lead to a mind blowing orgasm that I will never forget. Thanks Dave for a great experience and for the great sleep I know I will have tonight! I'll be back but as for the rest of you, try him out -- he really is that good.

by ianto on Man2ManSydney

I had pre-booked Dave, prior to me leaving Manchester U.K. for my Sydney visit after reading excellent previous reviews.My visit was on Monday 1st September.Dave put me to ease straight away, very polite, friendly & welcoming.When he started the massage he quickly sorted out my "Knotted shoulders" followed by massaging every part of my body from my balls to my hole he's the man. His hands were warm & firm, and when it came to the male on male body rubbing & the penetration it was awesome & mind blowing.I cannot praise Dave & the massage highly enough.Guys, this is the man for a full on massage.

by Greg on Man2ManSydney

Well I didn't know the feeling one can get from a guy having my first encounter being penetrated, being a little scared he soon calmly had me in his hands and the feeling was spectacular and then the orgasm he knows how to penetrate a new boy and give pleasure, I'll be back cos you have to go back to the one who took your cherry.Dave was very gentle and has a good massage technique of taking all those aches and pains away and fill you with pleasure , I wish I lived a little closer As I'd be there sooner than later. so guys try him you'll be happy of the results and look forward to feeling the delight the next time I visit.

by Glenn on Man2ManSydney

Awesome massage!Amazing place!Great service!Top bloke!Definitely give him a go!You won't be disappointed.

by Stuart M on Man2ManSydney

I have not been able to stop thinking about the amazing experience I had with Dave recently. I have never felt such workmanship with someone else's hands before in my time. His sensual touch around my hole sent a tingling sensation over the rest of my body that felt amazing. A WHOPPING THUMBS UP FOR DAVE 😉

by Barry on Man2ManSydney

Thanks Dave, that was the most intense experience of my life. The massage was amazing, all the knots are gone. It was the pleasure he gave when he rolled me over. It was so unbelievable. He was gentle, patient and showed me that a man really does know what it takes to please a man. The variations, the care was very much appreciated. Having never felt another man’s body on top of me before I was very apprehensive. He massaged my balls, and then my hole. By the time it came to penetration I was good and ready to pop that cherry. I will never forget the intensity or pleasure he provided me. That was an experience I will never forget.

by Ethan on Man2ManSydney

Dave is very friendly, and was so patient and passionate with a first timer like me. There's a great setting and feel for the whole experience, with soothing music setting an excellent ambience. The man himself is very skilled with his hands (and other parts), and definitely knows his way around a man's body. Try him out, he'll bring you wonderful relief from all your accumulated stress. He loves his work, and it shows.

by Shaun on Man2ManSydney

Very impressive place and great atmosphere. Very private and discreet location. Service was excellent. Dave was very patient with me which I appreciated because I am not very experienced. He really knows how to make a man feel good. Will definitely be back soon.

by mateo on Man2ManSydney

Not enough stars to rate this service. OMG what a beautiful soul. SO calm. so relaxing, and may i say so enjoyable..Ok my story, I was a first timer M2M, ultra nervous, looked at website a few times, took the plunge...what an amazing experiences. What a lovely surprise! The massage is first class, great pressure, warm hands, lovely stroke. Then the pleasure! Remember - first timer...loved it. I would thoroughly recommend Dave's service, you won't regret it, I don't.

by Tom on Man2ManSydney

I went and saw Dave for the first time about a week ago. It was my first erotic massage so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Dave has a fantastic touch and a really friendly personality. His home is also beautifully equipped. Highly recommended!

by Les on Man2ManSydney

My first time in sydney to experience an erotic massage. Dave is the man!

by Bob on Man2ManSydney

great massage all the knots gone.Dave turned me over and the fun began.First insertion mildy uncomfortsble but full insertion pure bliss.Dave really knows how to use his member kept going for what seemed like hours while giving me hand job.Was the best climax I have ever had.Will be back for more and will try the Tantra chair next time

by BC on Man2ManSydney

I'm very lucky that i'm able to travel with my work..I always try and seek out a good massage in different cities, and I have favourite masseurs in various cities around the world...I now have one in Sydney! Daves' massage exceeded my expectations! It was truly amazing..do yourself a favour, book a massage with Dave..you will leave a very happy chappy indeed, as I did! Thanks Dave 🙂

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

I have not seen Dave for a while but I will as soon as things quieten down. All those reviews are great and well earned. Dave is my favourite man to see when feeling the need of a man to look after me in all ways possible.

by Tr on Man2ManSydney

Omg is the only way to explain the session I had with Dave today, he has magic hands and a beautiful touch I was very empressed with his table and tantra lounge is a must to try,he is very friendly quite sexy and eager to please I will be back in the new year for sure best massage I have had in Sydney!!!!

by Kevin on Man2ManSydney

I just had my first visit to Dave and have to write a review! I have massage regularly back home in the US – I really needed today, so I gave Dave a call to see if he had available time. He was able to fit me in and I am so glad he could. What a great experience!From the greeting at the door, to the sociable chat while we got acquainted before the massage to the amazing ending, what a really amazing experience! Dave has a great style that really makes one feel comfortable – he really makes the effort to make the experience all about you. The playlist was appropriate and relaxing – as well as interesting. I have got to start looking for a couple of the tracks he played. The pressure could not have been better and the “member-friendly” table added an interesting aspect to the experience! His pressure and his strokes were very intuitive and when he got on the table and added the full-body strokes after thoroughly relaxing all the muscle groups over the preceding hour… well, it was so thoroughly enjoyable that I only reluctantly flipped when it was time for Dave to work my chest, and the rest of the front muscle groups. Yes, a visit to Dave is well worth the time and I will definitely make time for it the next time I am in Sydney!Thanks, Dave!

by Bill on Man2ManSydney

Hey Dave. Loved that tantra chair! Truly awesome experience! Hope to see you again soon.Bill

by TMan on Man2ManSydney

Wow. Since starting uni Ive been curious about experiencing this sort of thing with a guy. What a great decision to book with Dave. My dick has never been as hard as when Daves hands were roaming my body.For a first timer he made me feel so comfortable and free to enjoy the feelings he was giving me. I will never forget the way I felt when I was penetrated. I cant wait to feel it slide in again. Left me trembling and with one of the best orgasms of my life, hands down.5 star treatment.

So I visited Dave twice in 2 days (yes, it was worth it). His skills with his hands are incredible! Firm yet gentle, working out all the knots on my back. He really sent me over the moon when his gentle touch arrived at my cock and balls, and of course, my hole.And when Dave penetrated me? Read the rest of the reviews, they're not lying. Clearly a guy who enjoys what he's doing and passionate about it!He gave me, a nervous first timer, a wonderful massage and a fantastic time. I have never felt so relaxed and rejuvenated in a long time!Those of you reading the reviews and thinking about it, stop thinking and start booking 😉

by dexter on Man2ManSydney

EXcellente !!! Everything u could ask for a perfect massage he will give it to you. His place is neat and its mood is very relaxing, his hands are so soft and touch that is so hot love it!!! I will definitely come back.thanks Dave till mext time.

Spent time with Dave several months ago and I am still relaxed! :DI recommend Dave to any straight guy willing to feel the touch of a guy. Magic hands had me feeling like never before. And I never thought fingers massaging my hole and penetration could feel so good. Can't wait to go back.

by Edward on Man2ManSydney

After having sexual massages for over 20 years Dave far surpasses all the others. his massage is fabulous and the "happy ending' alternatives are to die for.

Dave is THE MAN. I cannot recommend highly enough. Makes you feel incredible from head to toe. Magic hands, magic wand. I'll be back. 🙂

by Sipol on Man2ManSydney

Went to Daves last night. The whole experience was superb. I highly recommend him to any straight or gay man like me. The massage relaxed me and the attention to detail was extraordinary, and feeling Dave enter me was an experience I have not stopped thinking about. Thanks I WILL be back next time in Sydney.

by Dennis on Man2ManSydney

truly the best massage ever,pure blissMagic hands ,Magic cock. Dont hesitate just go for it,magic Dave Thanks

by Frank on Man2ManSydney

I saw Dave a year ago but have been incredibly busy ever since. Yet. never forgot my experience with him. Amazing massage in every way! I took 90 mins but would love two hours. A gentleman, a real man from the muscular hair chest to the fantastic cock, whose touch makes you feel great from very beginning to an unbelievable ending. I'm going back asap.

Awesome..best massage ever by male or female, happy ending or not... 🙂

by Matt on Man2ManSydney

Dave is truly a professional who listens to what you want and is intuitive in picking up the knots.. This is possibly the ultimate massage you could ever get. Thanks for leaving me completely relaxed...

by Ross on Man2ManSydney

All the reviews are true. Dave gives an amazing, firm massage. He really worked out all my knots. And he massages every inch of you. Not to mentIon how generous he is with giving you pleasure and letting you enjoy his body. Wow, I'm coming back for seconds!

by Jeremy on Man2ManSydney

Amazing massage. Strong & very relaxing, a beautiful experience.

by Ian on Man2ManSydney

Brilliant massage, amazing hands with firm pressure, and a Volcanic eruption at the end! For first timers thinking about it, just do it. Won't leave without a smile!

by Ron on Man2ManSydney

Dave is so welcome and friendly, maybe he already know I'm the first-timer by my apperance, and he made me feel comfortable, I love it.Massage: not as I expectedMassage table: goodDave's cock feeling great whilst penetrate inside of meDefinitely will come back with a longer appointment 🙂 cheers!*next visit I'll request for harder touch instd of gentle touch massage

by Sean on Man2ManSydney

I was curious about trying a massage from a naked man for some time and finally decided to give it a go. Dave, you truely have magical hands and exceeded my expectations. The treatment is provided in a clean, safe and professional enviroment and left me detressed, completely relaxed and I had the best sleep in a long time. I'll definately be making another appointment very soon. 5 stars all the way!!!

by Stephan on Man2ManSydney

I dont know what else to add except to say that all the reviews are really true! Although, no one has mentioned what a great professional masseur Dave is - it is great to be massaged by a guy who really knows what he is doing. When Dave cracked my back it felt so good!!! He found all my knots and applied just the right pressure - combination of firm and gentle touch to relieve my tension.After reading some of the other reviews, I just have to comment at Tony's! LOL@Tony - Dave made you cum twice and you only gave him 4 stars! What does he need to do to earn that extra star! LOL maybe make you cum 3 times??? Jeeze you are a hard marker!!! (Only joking Tony!)

Thanks for your comment Stephan. I am still happy with 4 stars! 😉
Cheers Dave.

by Paul on Man2ManSydney

Have been going to Dave for about a year now. Went yesterday tired and stressed, left relaxed and so at peace. Anyone reading Dave's webpage and curious about going. Just make an appointment and go, you will not regret it. Thanks Dave

by Tony on Man2ManSydney

Dave what wonderful hands. The massage table is fantastic. Your hands are magical that you made me cum twice

by Allan aka Bearcub on Man2ManSydney

Dave, you have what I call a Goldilocks penis - not too huge and not too average -- just right! Ha Ha! Your dick is perfect! And you really know how to use it! You obviously enjoy what you do...looking forward to experiencing it again soon.Regards Allan aka Bearcub.

WOW Allan aka Bearcub - I have never had my cock described like that!
Made me laugh.
Glad you enjoyed it.
Cheers Dave

by George on Man2ManSydney

I regularly see erotic masseurs and escorts and have been to see at least a dozen or so different guys in the last 12 months. I have only ever come back to see Dave again. I think that says it all.Thanks!

by Peter on Man2ManSydney

Dave you were amazing. I have never been massaged by a man in the nude, let alone touch another man's penis. You are huge.... The way you finished me off with penetration was incredible. As it was my first time it hurt a little, but you felt so good inside me... Amazing Massage

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

Thanks again. Your hands are so erotic when touching me all over. Your finish of gentle penetration made the whole massage so great.

by Tim on Man2ManSydney

That was great Dave - thanks for broadening my horizons! The knots in my shoulders are gone and I had a lot of fun. I was so nervous, thanks for making everything so relaxed. I hope to come back when I'm in Sydney again!

by Barry on Man2ManSydney

What can I say that hasn't been said before? Dave's gentle hands relaxed and aroused me more than I can remember. As a life-long 'top' I never imagined that, as the recipient, penetration could be so enjoyable.

by Sol on Man2ManSydney

Thanks Dave. EXACTLY what I was looking for!

by James on Man2ManSydney

I was so agitated before I went to Dave today but believe me by the time I left I was totally relaxed. Dave is great, a massage to die for believe me. This being my second visit I was more at ease knowing where I was going and who I would see and I WILL BE BACK.

by Peter on Man2ManSydney

Met Dave last Friday. Truly a great massage - best penetration ever - would love to go back for more

by James on Man2ManSydney

Dave made me feel totally comfortable as soon as he opened the door. His massage is sensational and he makes you totally relaxed by the time you leave. With all the above Dave is a true gentleman and class act. Thank you Dave for a great afternoon and I will be visiting again.

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

Well said Adam. He is so good and that massage table needs to be experienced to be believed! and how he uses it!

by Adam on Man2ManSydney

Dave's massage table has to be experienced to be believed! This is without doubt the ultimate massage for me. I totally forgot myself and Dave's intuitive hands just went where they needed to go. Glad I had the one hour on my first visit. Really looking forward to going back.

by Anonymous on Man2ManSydney

Thanks so much for the massage last weekend, Dave. That was totally professional and seriously hot.

by Paul on Man2ManSydney

Just came back from seeing Dave. All I can say is seriously awesome.

by Bao on Man2ManSydney

Had my first massage session with Dave today and it was fantastic, did not want his hands to stop. A great experience indeed, will certainly recommend!

by Mat on Man2ManSydney

Dave is one incredible human being ... he makes me melt under his masterful touch and the connection he creates is so great that I'm almost left speechless! That in itself is an impressive feat!A very special experience. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Dave to anyone! I'll be back ... 🙂

by Steve on Man2ManSydney

Lovely guy, excellent masseur and very skillful at erotic penetration. Truly wonderful.

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

Visited Dave again and this time we really got it together, even more than last time. I will be back many times for this sort of treatment! He knows how to use his hands and his dick to great advantage.

by Kurt on Man2ManSydney

Dave would have to be one of the best masseurs I have ever come across, and I mean it when I say come across. Dave is understanding, smart, knows his craft and can make a leader like me feel completely comfortable in allowing him to lead me.When he said roll over, I seriously couldn't move. Great! Great! Great!

by Rob on Man2ManSydney

I called up and Dave could fit me in. The best experience in a long time. Started with a great normal massage, but when Dave started massaging my arse I went into heaven. Then a gentle massage of my balls and dick and I was over the moon. You are great man. I will cum again

by Darren on Man2ManSydney

This was one of the best massages ever. Felt totally relaxed and comfortable as soon as I arrived. Could have stayed all day...Thanks Dave, look forward to next time!

by Paul on Man2ManSydney

Really is 24 hours a day. I called in the early hours of Saturday morning. Sorry Dave. Awesome massage, I felt completely relaxed. Dave really knows what he is doing. I came home and had the best nights sleep in a long time. Will definitely be back.

by Peter on Man2ManSydney

Hi Dave thanks for the great time.. Nice massage and good service.

by rob on Man2ManSydney

Was very satisfied with service provided for my first ever visit. Dave let ME decide the boundaries. Will visit again.

by Ryan on Man2ManSydney

Hi Dave, Thank you for the great time. You are very friendly with a nice soothing voice. I had a nice time. Time flew - perhaps I should book for longer time =)

by Kym on Man2ManSydney

I have been a Client of Dave's for 10 years. Yes! - his body is great.....but his expertise as Masseur makes you leave rejuvenated and 'centered'.

by Koichi on Man2ManSydney

Hi i am Japanese guy Koichi. You massage me. You have nice big dick i like very much. I like kiss you good. Thank you very much

You are most welcome Koichi. Dave

by Adam on Man2ManSydney

This was my first experience being massaged by a man. Thanks for making me feel comfortable and respecting my limits. Love the views from your apartment!

by Peter on Man2ManSydney

Thanks for the terrific massage Dave. Pete

by Alex on Man2ManSydney

Sorry I called you so late! You really are 24 hours! Was nice to be massaged by someone who really knows what they are doing. When I got home I had the best nights' sleep for ages!Will see you earlier next time.xxx caio A.

Glad you enjoyed the massage. You are welcome any time Alex. Dave

by Simon on Man2ManSydney

Thanks mate! Will definitely be back for more!

by Phillip on Man2ManSydney

Great kisser and beautiful cock! What more could I ask for? lol want to do it again soon. Phillip

by Mick on Man2ManSydney

You are a very passionate bloke. Will try and see you again next time I am in town. Cheers Mick

by Phil on Man2ManSydney

Just want to say what a great friendly guy! Really made me feel so relaxed.